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We meet again

Hello world, it’s been so long since I’ve written in this blog!  I came across an old blog post by chance today, and what a coincidence, because I had been thinking recently that I would love to start writing again.  Poetry, flash fiction, reflections, anything.  I watched a TED Talk with spoken word poetry performances by Sarah Kay earlier today, and it was so inspiring.  Speech is still to me the most sacred tool – it empowers and connects people in amazing ways.

I’m in medical school now, so of course that’s my priority.  To become the most compassionate and knowledgeable physician I can be.  But I will try to make time to write.

I look back at some of my posts on the blog and cringe.  At the naivete, the cuteness, the ranting that all seems so silly now.  But I also smile fondly at the energy, the boldness, the fanciful qualities of a younger self.  Perhaps it would be better to start anew, create a new online identity. But for now, my friend, here’s to starting again!


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Her Interior Angle

By: Twilit ^ ^

There’s no way that I can focus in math class when she’s sitting right there, right in front of me. What I wouldn’t give to be her interior angle! And why oh why could we not at least be perpendicular lines that meet up just once? Nope, we just had to be parallel lines which, for the record, never ever intersect. Geometry has taught me so much.

Stupid algebra. Why bother with all these x’s and y’s anyways? Right now I’m much more interested in getting to know a certain someone with only x chromosomes. So much simpler right? Not. Damn it.

It was as if I existed in a 3D world and she in a 2D one! No chance of her ever truly seeing me or the extent of my desires. Yet I was so sure that we were meant for each other. I needed her in order to understand my own parametric equation: she was like the normal vector to my plane in my little 3D world.

IFF I could only gather the courage to talk to her, she would surely fall madly in love with me too! But whenever I’m even close to walking tangent to her personal bubble, my heartbeat increases exponentially, approaching infinity like a secant graph nearing the point π/2.

Alas, perhaps she was an m-by-n matrix while I was an o-by-p one: no chances of us ever multiplying. And sadly, the probability of her noticing me is still about one out of nine hundred ninety-nine factorial so I should probably just give up.

And focus.

As if.


Happy Spring Break!



 Funny Math Problems/ Pictures

371722903_7c7247a2f9.jpg picture by xtaintedwatersx

371722998_fd43cd239e_o.jpg picture by xtaintedwatersx

matrix_transform.png picture by xtaintedwatersx

371722924_4828281113_o.jpg picture by xtaintedwatersx

question4.gif picture by xtaintedwatersx

371722884_a8d1da8f44_o.gif picture by xtaintedwatersx

find_x_equation.gif picture by xtaintedwatersx

question3.gif picture by xtaintedwatersx

Saying.jpg picture by xtaintedwatersx

371723025_d5769c9b24_o.gif picture by xtaintedwatersx

sqrt2.gif picture by xtaintedwatersx

complexnumbers.png picture by xtaintedwatersx

proof_2equal1.jpg picture by xtaintedwatersx

371723041_9f5eb359d4_o.gif picture by xtaintedwatersx

pi.jpg picture by xtaintedwatersx

winerProof5-20.jpg picture by xtaintedwatersx

432Bfoiled2Bagain.jpg picture by xtaintedwatersx

mathproof.jpg picture by xtaintedwatersx

pandamath.jpg picture by xtaintedwatersx

More Math Jokes: http://www.mitadmissions.org/topics/misc/miscellaneous/everybody_loves_a_math_joke.shtml

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