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At the Water’s Edge: A Vignette

A single light flickers across the surface of forbidden waters.

“No risk, no reward.”

He skates silently on ice infinitesimally thin. It never broke, never cracked under pressure. Always gliding and chasing, a breeze past frigid sculptures and shattered realms with a million glimmers. Blades etching neither circles nor patterns. Vows to never cross the same chilling path or to retrace his steps. Around him, the cool air shudders at this daring, his addiction to glory. And for now, if only for now, he shines bright under the empty night sky. Hungry.

“Look before you leap.”

She thinks long and hard, failing to act. She is a siren concealed in a prison of icicles. Dreaming of hopes, hoping for wishes, wishing for dreams. In circles indifferent. Surreal eyes pierce through tendrils of mist and every so often, linger on empty constellations. A million pretty souls that twinkle and beckon and taunt. Always bewitching senses, enticing with underwater rhapsodies. But never approaching, never found. For now a frozen lyrical mystery. Thirsty.

Someday, he will hear her song, skate straight off the ice, and plunge into subzero currents. He will spin wildly in circles and at last, draw back. Draw back from her touch, her first curiosity. Satisfied.

Someday, two hearts will murmur under dancing lights. A new dawn breaking through. A thirst will be quenched, a hunger fulfilled.

Someday at the water’s edge.


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