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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

My mind is currently at rest (meaning velocity=0).  If that’s even possible.

Anyways, to start off…two weeks and one test over. A miniscule speck compared to what’s still up ahead. I am indeed quite nervous about this course in general and all that we have to learn in less than a year. For those who haven’t seen the text version of our “book”, it’s huge. Definitely capable of knocking out someone if I were to toss it off the 21st floor of my building in a moment of frustration. Especially if it accelerates at 9.8m/s^2. So for slow learners like me (I honestly need to stare at a page for ten or so minutes before comprehending anything), the pace could be a bit, well…quick for lack of a better word.

But the course itself is pretty cool and interesting. I love all those programs on the computers and the labs. And in what other course would you be encouraged to write a blog? ^ ^

Ok, so maybe I didn’t start off as strong as I would have liked in Physics. But I definitely see improvement in the near future!

The Turtle Will Triumph!!!  Rawr!!!!!


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