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Work, Physics, & Soccer

Yay for the long weekend!  Not so yay for the increased homework load and excessive number of tests next week!

On Saturday I got pathetically lost.  No need to get into details but I still blame a certain police officer and his completely erroneous instructions.  Combined with my horrible sense of direction, it was…just bad.  Very bad.

So I basically end up circling a 500-acre park.  The only good things I got out of this two miles long detour were beautiful observations of the physics universe.  After all, it was hard to ignore the bajillions of tiny soccer players screaming and running.  And of course, the kicking of the muddy soccer ball.  (I did not have a camera at that moment, so here are substitute pictures.)

Beanie Soccer BallBeanie Soccer Ball 2Beanie Soccer Ball 3

One soccer ball had no kinetic energy, but not for long.  A youngster soon ran up to it and kicked it hard towards the goal.  The force exerted by her foot accelerated the ball.  Expressed in a simple work-kinetic theorem equation, the work done by her foot on the ball should have been equal to the change of kinetic energy of the ball.  However, to be more accurate, we’d have to account for friction between the ground and the soccer ball slowing it down too.

And did I mention that during this whole time, I was carrying my ponderous violin case with me? But since the force I was exerting (up) was perpendicular to the displacement (forward), a physicist would have concluded that I was not actually doing any work.  How sad.

Thankfully, the rest of Saturday was rather uneventful.  I did pretty much nothing except go and check out Punahou’s “canteen” for the Class of 2013.  Lots and lots of food…and no one even noticed me. : )


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