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On Friday, I worked the late malasada (Iolani Class of 2009!) shift from 8:15 to about 11 at night. I got to do quite a variety of things from selling malasadas in the front to squeezing the little balls of dough in the kitchen to washing the extremely oily pans. It was rather busy and I’m sure that entropy was increasing steadily under that white tent.

Anyways, I witnessed a plethora of physics at the fair on Friday. First, over half of the games involved projectile motion when aiming object A at/over/into/onto object B. So if you were equipped with your lovely kinematic equations, an invisible ruler, and a robotic arm, the games should have been child’s play.

And nearly all of the rides involved spinning about an axis and centripetal forces that point radially inward of magnitude mv^2/r. Unfortunately, they don’t go nearly fast enough. We should really have roller coasters instead. 😀

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