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We meet again

Hello world, it’s been so long since I’ve written in this blog!  I came across an old blog post by chance today, and what a coincidence, because I had been thinking recently that I would love to start writing again.  Poetry, flash fiction, reflections, anything.  I watched a TED Talk with spoken word poetry performances by Sarah Kay earlier today, and it was so inspiring.  Speech is still to me the most sacred tool – it empowers and connects people in amazing ways.

I’m in medical school now, so of course that’s my priority.  To become the most compassionate and knowledgeable physician I can be.  But I will try to make time to write.

I look back at some of my posts on the blog and cringe.  At the naivete, the cuteness, the ranting that all seems so silly now.  But I also smile fondly at the energy, the boldness, the fanciful qualities of a younger self.  Perhaps it would be better to start anew, create a new online identity. But for now, my friend, here’s to starting again!



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