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Well, it’s been an…interesting weekend.  While trying to be productive, I began researching the LifeStraw® because my partner and I clearly need a new debate case.  Basically, the LifeStraw® is a sort of cheap purification tool that removes microorganisms responsible for causing water bourne illnesses (like diarrhea, the 2nd leading cause of death in Sub-Saharan Africa!) from dirty water when you ‘suck’ it through the straw. 


And that, folks, is the background info on this week’s blog entry, straws!  So, when you’re drinking with a straw, you’re not actually ‘sucking’ in the water/soda/juice/mysterious liquid.  You’re really removing the air inside the straw, making the air pressure in that space lower than 101.325 kPa.  The water column near the bottom of the straw experiences a pressure imbalance (higher pressure on drink and lower pressure in mouth) that provides an upward force, pushing the liquid up the straw and past a horrifying set of teeth.  Just kidding about the last part. ; )



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