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A Despicable Parrot

I’m not sure if we’re supposed to do a blog this weekend but I will anyways…in which I explain my hatred for a certain bird. In a physics-related manner, of course.

Most mornings, I have the unfortunate experience of hearing my “neighbor’s” parrot squawking as I wait for the elevator to arrive at my floor. I do wish that there were a way to completely block out those sound waves. Usually however, I’m only mildly annoyed. But on stressful days (possibly let’s say…before AP exams?), my hands are just itching to cause the bird featherly harm.

But how could I be so cruel? That, my friend, takes us back to the old days…when I was still a 6th-grader in public school! To keep a long story short, it once again involved an elevator (weight and normal force!) except that this time I was about to exit it. Well, a certain stupid parrot flew in as the doors opened and…

Physics Interjection Time!! How do birds stay up in the air? Basically, a bird’s wings are shaped like an aerofoil and air passes over and under the wing. The air that moves over the top of the wing has to travel further to get across the wing, thus it speeds up. This causes the pressure to drop because the same amount of air is exerting its pressure over a greater area, pulling the wing upwards. Meanwhile the air going below the wing experiences the opposite effect, generates more pressure, and effectively pushes the wing up. Perhaps this reminds you of a plane…or maybe of a multiple choice question involving blowing air across a contraption with water inside.

Back to the story now…A certain stupid parrot flew in as the doors opened and bit down hard on my finger until it started bleeding (I still have the scars from this severe application of force) while clawing at my hair. It was most certainly not funny since I had to go to the hospital and all afterwards.

I’m obviously a pretty forgiving person. Especially when you consider that I’ve possessed a heavy 1000-paged Physics textbook for a year now and the parrot has not yet been subjected to the crushing effects of projectile motion.

But then again, it’s probably my “neighbor” that I really hate. He’s the one who let his bird fly around outside of his apartment (which so happens to be illegal!) as well as the one with the pathetic excuse: “My bird doesn’t like the color black. Black scares him. You have black hair. So um…yeah. It’s your fault, really. Want some chocolate?”

I’m not even kidding. -_-

Pretty Substitute Parrot!  It's only one bird that I can't stand.


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