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Remember a long, long time ago when I wrote a teensy little bit about lightning?  Of course you don’t.

But seeing that we’re now studying electric charge, I will in fact expand on that ancient post.  Electrons flow from negatively charged objects to positively charged ones and lightning is an example of this.  Lightning transfers a very large amount of charge from a cloud to another cloud or to the ground. 

During this, the overall charge of the system is kept constant even though the cloud itself is now electrically neutral.   A bolt of lightning contains about 23C of charge and heats nearby air to about 10,000°C.  With all that technical stuff aside, lightning is just awesome to see. 

I know I had a better mini-video of lightning somewhere…the one below is horrible since it was taken with a cell phone camera. :/  You can’t even see anything unless you don’t blink for half a minute and stare with your nose pressed up against the screen…so I suggest you don’t try at all.

Instead, I shall supply you with a lovely picture off the web!


Happy sleepless exams/debate week!  At least you have an unlikely chance of being struck down by Zeus. : )


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