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Since we’re now studying heat and temperature, the thermometer is the perfect object to examine.  Thermometers are of course used for measuring temperature.   This is possible because two objects placed in contact with each other will eventually reach a common temperature.


The old glass thermometers most of us are familiar with are usually filled with mercury.  Mercury expands with rising temperatures and contracts with cooling temperatures. Changes in temperature will cause proportional changes in the expansion/contraction of mercury, which allows us to “read” the temperature off of the little tube with reference points and numbers.  ^ ^

In daily life in the U.S., you’ll probably find yourself expressing the temperature in °F.  Besides the Fahrenheit system, there are also the Celsius and Kelvin scales, much more commonly used in the rest of the world.  Luckily, conversions between the systems are quite simple with the following equations. 

TK = TC + 273.15

TC = (5/9)(TF − 32)

Tonight’s forcasted temperature in my area was 73°F, which is approximately 22.3°C or 295.9K.


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