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End of first quarter senior year! Tomorrow’s senior camp!! More of my favorite songs from a musical — Jekyll & Hyde!!!

This is the Moment – Anthony Warlow

Warlow has the best Jekyll singing voice ever, in my opinion. Robert Cuccioli & Connor O’Brien were great as well. But David Hasselhoff…his voice wasn’t really meant for Broadway musicals.

Confrontation – Anthony Warlow (same person singing both parts!)

Dangerous Game – Robert Cuccioli & Linda Eder (both very brilliant!)

Facade (catchy tune!) – The Amazing Cast of the 1997 production of Jekyll & Hyde

A New Life – Linda Eder

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I just love discovering beautiful voices. YouTube’s always a great resource for that. : )

So, one midnight, as I was listening to Lea Salonga (who possesses one of the loveliest voices ever), I happened to come across two singers from the Philippines, Martin Nievera & Regine Velasquez.

Broadway Musical Medley – Martin Nievera & Regine Velasquez (2003 World Concert Tour)
– I Have a Love (West Side Story)
– Someone Like You (Jekyll & Hyde)
– Not While I’m Around (Sweeney Todd)
– If He Really Knew Me (They’re Playing Our Song)
– Take Me As I Am (Jekyll & Hyde)
– Somewhere (West Side Story)

Say That You Love Me – Martin Nievera

Now to some old favorites of mine…

Lea made such a great Eponine!

On My Own (Les Miserables) – Lea Salonga

Oh my gosh! I remember this next song from wayy back… : ) Sung by the original singing voices of Aladdin & Jasmine!

We Could Be In Love – Lea Salonga & Brad Kane

Hmm…why not put up a song from Aladdin as well?

A Whole New World – Lea Salonga & Brad Kane

One last song…

Over the Rainbow – Lea Salonga

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