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Random Update

I love love love Susan Boyle!!! Such a talented voice & she just happens to sing my favorite songs from musicals.

It’s all been said before but I remember hearing her sing for the first time (whilst procrastinating by clicking on random Yahoo! links) and it was simply gorgeous, awe-inspiring, etc…if she were to put out a CD, it would be the first I’d ever buy.

Original Audition


Finale Performance

Classes have ended for me & graduation’s in just a week!!  Part of me still can’t process the fact that 14 years of school have passed & another part of me can’t wait for everything about college (the living on my own, new people…I’ve met quite a few on Facebook and it looks like there’ll be quite a diverse & friendly group of people at JHU!), going beyond the limits of high school & trying out new activities.)  The possibilities seem endless.

Right now I’m preparing for Speech&Debate nationals in Alabama…should be verry hot but still a memorable experience!  And I’m attempting to brainstorm for a certain other speech I’ll be giving: no idea how to make it special for everyone at the moment.  Oh, and going to the Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park was spectacularly fun yesterday!!!! ^ ^ Or actually, Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii, now that it’s been renamed.

I might begin to update this blog more regularly over the summer…since I’ve been dying to write something for fun. : )

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