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At times like this, I wish that I did believe

in an afterlife—

not for me, because I’m fine with the idea

of mixing

with damp earth, cold rain and sea salts—

but for you,

surely you deserve more meaning.

Rebirth or heaven,

it doesn’t matter.

But if it just


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Spring Break!

The last week has been quite eventful. March 21st is now officially Team ndc!!! Real World Design Challenge Day in Hawaii…so cute. : ] I do wish that we could have spent more time exploring D.C. (the weather was a nice change) and that the pictures I took didn’t come out so blurry and dark. You can’t really see an actual person in any of them. xD

And as a souvenir for myself, I bought myself a pretty triangular piece of amethyst from the National Museum of Natural History…I’ve always had a soft spot for jewels and minerals. I can imagine my future dream home…with sparkly black floors and collections of gemstones.

Now that there’s some downtime before the start of fourth quarter and college decisions (!!!), I can read non-school related books, sleep for extended periods of time, and browse random websites and articles, yay!

I’ve already started doing the above and I must share this article on natural phenomenon that I stumbled upon. The videos are all so pretty, especially those of the aurora and the thunder. And the moon…and the firestorm, oh what the heck, all of them. Check them out! ^ ^

And since science music videos are so cool, here’s a hilarious one on PCR!!!

To set the record straight and to end this post: ndc = not dimensionally correct.

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