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Happy Thanksgiving!


There’s always something to be thankful for. : )  Thanksgiving is a simple reminder to show gratitude and compassion throughout the year.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Blossom in the Spring

Wow, I really haven’t posted in a while!  Schoolwork, apps, & activities have made me a very busy person lately…but the recent rain has quite the calming effect.  : )

Anyways, last night I stumbled upon my copy of the 2002 Edition of The Teacher’s Selection Anthology of Poetry.  Haha…can you guess where this is going?  ^ ^  That’s right: get ready for a sample of my poetry from back in the fifth grade!


Blossom in the Spring

Starting as a seed,

Growing to a plant.

Feeding on knowledge every day,

Some friends stay while others rot away.

Struggling to climb rocks and bumps.

Listening to elders,

Ignoring pesky weeds.

Able to grow into,

A tall and sturdy tree.


Looking past the cliches & slightly disturbing imagery, I must say that the poem’s rather cute.   Always fun to look back on old “masterpieces.”   : )

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