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Off On A Tangent

I haven’t posted in quite a while as predicted.  : )  Lots of new things since last time.

First of all, the college interview went pretty well in my opinion.  Maybe because there weren’t any tricky or unexpected questions.  Just the general “describe yourself” and “why do you want to come to our university” ones.  And then me asking lots of questions. ^ ^

And then I went to Jamba Juice, where they were playing Christmas music!!  A little too early, maybe?  It’s like that economics idea where stores start stocking Christmas items on their shelves early so that consumers will see them and begin to associate Christmas items with that store.  Which of course leads to the consumers making Christmas purchases from that store in the future.

I’m now also co-chairing a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii (strangely enough, this reminds me of Doc!)  It should be a fun experience, I think. ^ ^

Oh, and there was a really cool news article!  A 12 year old boy (William Yuan) has come up with a 3D solar cell that absorbs both visible and UV light and could be 9x more effective that current cutting-edge 3D cells.  This might revolutionize the way we produce energy!

So intelligent and awesome, yes?  Plus, this could make the beginnings of a great policy debate case (this year’s topic: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase alternative energy incentives in the U.S.)  This year, the most important thing is training the newbies so that our school will continue its speech & debate legacy!!!

And there was another interesting article on the evolution of fingers and toes starting way back with primitive fishies. : O

And…I realized that if you look up “vignette” in Wikipedia, there’s a link to my site!  It feels so special to be in an editable online encyclopedia that some despise and others worship. ; )

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