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Irena Sendlerowa

This post is in dedication to Irenea Sendlerowa (also known as Irene Sendler), who recently passed away on May 12, 2008.  To many, she was known as the “female Schindler” and proof of the existence of selfless goodwill.  Sendlerowa helped save over 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto by smuggling them out in bags and through sewers. 

In 1934, she was arrested and taken to Pawiak prison where she was tortured until the bones of her legs and feet fractured and even sentenced to death.  In spite of this, she refused to turn over a list of the names of the children she had helped to escape.  After she escaped imprisonment, Sendlerowa continued her earlier work.

To end, I’d like to include some quotes from Sendlerowa:

“I was brought up to believe that a person must be rescued when drowning, regardless of religion and nationality.”

“Let me stress most emphatically that we who were rescuing children are not some kind of heroes. Indeed, that term irritates me greatly. The opposite is true. I continue to have pangs of conscience that I did so little. I could have done more. This regret will follow me to my death.”

Let us remember Irena Sendlerowa as an inspiration and carry on her legacy of compassion.


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Updates on Twilit

Since Physics has officially ended, I can technically stop posting to this blog. But that’s definitely not what will happen!

I will continue posting about random stories/life/interesting things (occasionally still about Physics!) And since I now have more free time, I can eventually update the Enlightenment section of this blog.

I already have plans to write a 7-part vignette series titled “The Forgotten Rainbow.” So there is still much to look forwards to in the future!

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