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After arriving back in Oahu Sunday evening, I had a restful sleep for the first time in two weeks.  Naturally, I didn’t wake up until Monday afternoon (16 hours of sleep!) and I probably could have slept until Tuesday morning if I didn’t have homework to do…

Anyways, I really didn’t feel like doing anything strenuous today so I decided to…paint my nails!  Rather random but I’ve been wanting to try out that Del Sol nail polish I got as a Christmas present for a while.  The color’s called ‘Ruby Slipper’ since it’s a shimmery silver indoors but turns into a pinkish red color outdoors.  Interesting yes?

So I did some research (not on Sub-Saharan Africa for a change) and discovered that Del Sol has its own special Spectrachrome® color-changing crystal.  As we kind of learned in eight grade science, the color we perceive an object to be depends on the spectrum of light leaving its surface.   Humans can see colors when the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation is from about 380 -740 nanometers.

Upon irradiation by ultraviolet waves (sunlight), the Spectrachrome® crystal undergoes an activation shift called a “molecular excitation transition” that makes the color of the dye suddenly visible.  It probably does something to the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation…

ruby-slipper.jpg…I need more sleep. ~_^

Happy Third Quarter!


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